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Steven Vitali Language of the Soul Chart Topping CD

Language of the Soul by Steven Vitali was released in 2013. In 2014 the album was the longest charting album on the TOP 100 RPM world charts. 13 Months in the TOP 100.  It also set the first record to chart #1 for 3 consecutive months in the UK on One World Music. It was also the #1 album of the year in Winnipeg in 2013 and 2014 on CKUW.  It continued to get charted in 2015 and is played on radio today around the world on radio and television music channels.

Lightly touching upon influential works of composers such as Hans Zimmer, Vangelis and Yanni, this rewarding collection of songs range from sweepingly cinematic to quietly contemplative. Likewise characterized by romantic overtones of classical elegance throughout its course, Greatest Hits Vol. 2 offers a definitive, well-rounded introduction to the music of Steven Vitali, no less providing new listeners with an excellent place to start! ~

Candice Michelle


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Album Review

A composer and musician who has been writing music for over 35 years. A consummate song writer who has composed for various mediums, radio, theater, films, television. His songs possess a distinctive signature which will resonate with anyone who enjoys romantic and enchanting music. Over the years he has composed in excess of 2000 melodies and arrangements.
The music's vitality stems from it's lyricism and dulcet tones. It can let your imagination soar and your mind create soothing images of serenity and quietude.
Steven lets music come through with passion, imagination, and intelligence.

Language Of The Soul, with it's brilliant rhythms and lilting tempo, Steven's music can calm the soul and stir the senses.


There Is ‘Romance in Romania’ Says A Steven Vitali Fan
When two lovers come together along with a lock and Steven Vitali's Music.
Story by Constantin Ivanes - A Chain on the Bridge.


A Steven Vitali fan calls a radio station in Romania.
Read this heart warming and romantic story that is told and written in this review.

March 20th, 2017     

Radio Review by    
Constantin Ivanes  
Radio Domeldo – listen with your heart

A Chain on the Bridge 

In this part of the world – goes the saying of a famous European artist - it is terribly difficult to amaze people with anything new. In terms of music, one could think that everything has already been said, and if someone really wants something new, well…..he or she should look somewhere else. You haven’t listened to Steven Vitali, I told to myself, and this thought of mine just would not let me alone. You’ll see why. 

Let me start with the beginning. Day by day I am literally bombarded with music. I listen over and over again to albums that unveil their musical identity, which I have not encountered anywhere else. All those who send them to me wait for a verdict. Sometimes the skies are clear and sunny, other times cloudy and discouraging. The artist, the creator of the music I am writing about today, is not physically in front of me. But a tiny CD, a small piece of matter, brings close to me a part of his spiritual universe. This is how it happened with Steven Vitali. Relatively little time has passed between his previous album, Language of the Soul (2013), e melange of joy, the sun, and sentiment, and his present Greatest Hits 2. The strong lines of his dominating art all remain the same, paradoxically being more serene, artistically higher. By listening to Steven Vitali’s music the critics in Europe found out that there is still room for something new, so not everything has already been said, as my artist friend would claim. This is powerfully confirmed by Radio Domeldo’s listeners via their feedback to our station, namely that his songs, like Soul and Senses,  Forever Germaine or Piano in Paris, are real oases of peace and harmony, islands colored in green, in love. Today’s listener desperately needs this, as his life unfolds in a more and more stressful environment. 

As a confirmation of all of the above comes to an apparently insignificant story if I were to isolate it from its context, but which tells more than a thousand reviews of Steven Vitali’s music. One of the listeners of my radio show Forays of a Music Lover called the station and people listened to his story. He was all excited and went: you know what I did after I listened to Steven Vitali’s song Piano in Paris? I downloaded it from the internet and saved it on the smallest memory card, then I bought the biggest lock I could find in town, I inserted the card into the lock (it went in easily, as the opening for the key was kind of large), and me with my left hand and my girlfriend Maria with her right hand locked in the lock on the Lover’s Bridge in our town. Ours is hanging now next to the others. However, unlike all other locks, inside ours, there’s the most romantic music I have ever heard - Steven Vitali’s Piano in Paris, which has become the music of our love. Thank you, Steven, wherever you are! 
Well, there is hardly anything to add, so here I sign.

Constantin Ivanes  

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